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So, it has been a little over a month since our last blog post and let us be the first to say that is not the timing we would like to keep.  We had a lot going on the month of October and promise to make November blog posts a weekly occurrence.  Due to the fact we had so many events in October, we thought we would take this post spot to show you some of the work for the month and talk a little bit about our client relationships and how much we love what we do.  Next week we will get back on track and give you tips for all of those special events in your life and of course give an update on how the planning for our owner is going, but for now we want to give you a little tidbit on behind the scenes this October!

The first wedding we decorated last month was a lovely outdoor affair at Matthews Century Farm.  The ceremony was outside under an arbor and the reception was held under a tent.  The bride, Callie, was so much fun to work with because she was creative and somewhat out of the box with her bohemian theme.  We incorporated different textures and different elements.  It was an eclectic group of things we used, some from the bride herself and some from our inventory.  The end result was absolutely fantastic!  Below are a few of my favorite shots from the event…

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The second and third week of November we decorated a total of 8 events.  All were equally beautiful, but very unique in their own way.  The scheduling that goes into weeks with that many events goes a little like this…

Monday and Tuesday we make sure all necessary linens are ordered for the events and start making all of the centerpieces needed.  We are very organized, separating each wedding into areas in the shop, with lists to check each item as it is packed.  To make sure we have all timings right, we contact the bride and double check that we are all on the same page as far as arrival time and clean up times.  On weekends like this we also have to make sure everyone knows where to be and at the right time.  One event might be done at 10pm and another at midnight so timelines are the key to having everything go off without a hitch.

One of the weddings we decorated was on a Sunday at Schwinn Farm in Leavenworth, KS.  If you haven’t had a chance to check this venue out, we would highly suggest taking a look.  The barn itself is magnificent.  The reason the bride had a Sunday wedding was in part because they got the venue cheaper.  When planning your wedding, this is something to keep in mind because choosing off wedding seasons and off days during the week can save you quite a bit of money depending on the venue.  We decorated this event combining some of the bride and her family’s things as well as our own.  This vintage, chabby-chic event was one for the books.  There are pictures of the event below…

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We have decorated hundreds of events over the years, but have never had the pleasure of decorating at the St. Joseph Country Club which changed this October.  Not only were they lovely to work with, but the décor the couple chose looked wonderful in the space.  Sometimes a little sequins can do wonders!!  We used our gold sequins table runners on the reserved tables to add a little something extra.  The bride and groom also wanted to have their bridal party seated at normal guest tables so they could be immersed with all of the people invited.  We sat them at three round tables in the center of the room next to the dance floor and used special centerpieces to make the tables stand out.   A picture of the event is below.


The last event of the month was at the Paradox Theatre and was a corporate event.  It is always fun to decorate different types of events.  This fall themed event was aesthetically pleasing with the exposed brick and colors at the venue.  We used gold chargers with napkins to really set off the rest of the table.  Pictures are below.

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October was a busy, but great month for Spectacular Settings.  We loved working with all of the different clients, venues and types of events.  Keep an eye out for our blog post next week.  We have a blog take over by Janelle Cohn, a wedding cake decorator in PA, she wants to give a little advice on what she would or wouldn’t do differently if she was planning her big day all over again.

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