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So, you got engaged and are starting to plan your big day.  You’ve got your guest list, picked a venue, decided on your bridal party, but now you need to choose your colors.  You need a vision for your special day and it starts with the overall theme.  Before you plan on your colors you need to decide what kind of look you are going for.  Are you envisioning more of a rustic, barn wedding or is a classic, elegant style more your taste?  Once you decide the style you are looking for then you can start thinking about color.  I have had many inquiries from brides asking how to choose the right colors.  How do you choose your colors so early on and stick to them?  Can you have more than one color as a main statement?  Well, I will say that most of your color decisions are based on personal preference, but I want to give you some tips for choosing your colors…

1. Start with something that inspires you.

Have you seen something online or in a store that really caught your eye?  It doesn’t even have to be an item, maybe it is a time of year you love and want to recreate the feeling of that time of year on your big day.  Do you or your fiancé have a favorite color that you would like to incorporate?  Either way, once you have a source of inspiration, build on it.  Perhaps you really enjoy the color of the ocean.  The ocean would be the source of inspiration and blue can be the color you start your color palette with.  Then maybe you decide you would like to have a Fall wedding.  Bring in your season by using textures and different pieces known to be popular during that time and tie in the blue with those seasonal items.


2. Think about your event space.

If your venue is a neutral space it doesn’t really matter what colors you choose, but if your venue has pink walls you might want to incorporate a wedding color palette that won’t clash with those walls.  You probably wouldn’t want your main color to be a bright, loud color that wouldn’t match the colors in the space.  At the very least, choose colors that could coordinate with the color of the venue.

3. Keep contrast in mind.

You don’t want everything to blend together and lose its depth.  If you decide to have red bridesmaids dresses and your floral bouquets are red as well then you have completely lost the pop that the bouquets or dresses can bring.  You will want to have a little bit of contrasting color against one another so that the colors are noticeable and don’t fade together.  If you decide you only want to have one color with your wedding you can make this work by having variations of one particular color.  For example, if you love the color purple you can have many varying shades of purple and not only will they all flow very nicely together, but they will look beautiful and it will break up your focal points.

4. Use as many colors in your color palette as you want.

I personally love using multiple colors at an event.  For my own wedding I am using 4 colors.  You can do this with a variety of colors and they have great coordinating examples of popular colors that relate very well with each other.  Once you choose your main color you can then choose a neutral accent color and then perhaps a bold color to create that pop.  Gold has been really popular this year and can pretty much go with anything.  Not a fan of gold, use silver.  If you like the ocean blue color used as the example earlier then you can build on that with a gold or silver accent.  Maybe you like the sequins look; add that in as well to provide texture.  Are you thinking about having napkins at every place setting?  You can use your napkin as a décor accent and bring a little bit more color to your table scape.  As long as the colors coordinate, they don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy.  Although, there has to be something that ties them all together.  I have provided a couple of pictures of multiple colors used as design inspiration below that I found online…

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Clearly, there are many different color options to choose from.  If you decide you only want one accent color and everything else to be white, go for it!  If you decide you want 8 different colors, go for it!  There are no right or wrong choices per say, only guidelines that can make things easier.  If you find it less complicated to narrow down the colors you definitely don’t like and won’t want to use, that is a start.  If you can choose at least one stand out color to go with, the rest can be built upon.  I recommend using at least 3 colors as a point of reference.  They don’t all have to be bold statement colors; it can be as easy as white (tablecloth color), gray (napkin color), pink (floral/centerpiece color).  Even though two of the colors I used in the example are more neutral, they still create a color scheme for your event.

At the end of the day you want your wedding to be a reflection of you and your fiancé.  It can be difficult to decide on a color and stick with it, but once you start to build the vision of your day try to stick to what you have chosen.  It will create many headaches later on if you keep changing your color ideas.  The best way I can put it is to steal a statement from one of the consultants on “Say Yes to the Dress” (of course they were referring to choosing a wedding dress, but same thing applies when picking colors)…Once you find the person of your dreams and get engaged, you don’t keep looking for spousal options.  You have committed to that person and decided you no longer need to see what else is out there.  This concept applies to your significant other, your dress as well as your color scheme.  Once you decide on colors for your special day, stick with them and stop looking at other options available because there will always be color trends popping up and it can get overwhelming and confusing if you keep searching once you have made your decision.

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