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Of course every bride wants to make their wedding special, unique and all their own; but should you conquer this dream day as a DIY (do it yourself) bride or hire someone to create the vision for you? After working in the wedding industry for the past 5 years, I have heard some tragic stories from brides that have tried to DIY and also seen some really neat projects become a reality. So, here are some things to think about before you decide to bring your creative diva to the surface. There are a few reasons why people decide on a DIY wedding, but some of these might make you reconsider.


First of all, everyone thinks you will save lots of $$$ by doing everything yourself instead of hiring someone. While that may be true in some instances, in most cases a DIY bride can end up spending a lot more money because they don’t have most of the items on hand so they are starting from scratch, as well as the fact that the first attempt might not turn out the way they had hoped and they have to start over. (I have heard horror stories from brides in the past that start as a DIY bride and after spending hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on decorations they now aren’t sure what to do with, they then hire a professional and have to fork up even more money to pay the vendor’s fee.) DIY weddings can lead to excessive spending on more supplies that perhaps a professional could have done and had ready for you originally, saving not only money, but your time!

Secondly, brides think that they are crafty and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to showcase their creative talent and be able to tell all of their guests, “Yup, I did it all.” The reality is, A. you might not be as crafty as you think and B. you just might not be as crafty as you think.  The above statement should not discourage certain people from trying to DIY, but it should really make you contemplate whether or not you really do have the creative mindset to handle all of the DIY projects you have planned for the BIG Day! Sometimes it is good to remember that Pinterest can give you unrealistic expectations for some DIY projects…just look at “Pinterest Fail” pictures online. Reminder: things always look a lot easier than they really are.

Thirdly, brides think that they have a lot more time than they actually do. The countdown until the wedding goes by extremely fast and most people don’t budget their time well enough to even consider DIY projects. Brides also think they will have a ton of help throughout all of the hard work, but let’s face it, everyone else is busy too and though it might seem like you will have all of the help in the world from family and friends, you probably won’t. Do you want to be decorating the day before the wedding, after the rehearsal dinner or even the morning of the big day?! These are time frames you would probably have to decorate if you decide to be a DIY bride. There will be quite a bit of stress that boils up during the course of the planning and throughout the engagement. Do you have the capacity to handle all of the other stressors along with the time commitment and organization needed to DIY?

I know that there are a lot of DIY brides out there as well as those still contemplating whether or not to be, so I have come up with a little game plan to help you decide. First, make a pro/con list on whether or not to DIY…obviously, if the pros outweigh the cons than you should tackle that wedding head on and create a DIY masterpiece. However, if the cons outweigh the pros than maybe you should consider hiring a professional, at least for the majority and then you can DIY a smaller project. In short, a DIY wedding is definitely doable as long as you keep it simple and give yourself enough time to complete the projects. Make sure to start the projects early enough so that if you do need to eventually scratch the DIY ideas, you still have time to hire someone. It really can end up being more cost effective and stress free to do so. DIY projects aren’t the only aspect of a wedding and it can become very overwhelming, very quickly to start a bunch of crafty projects and still have to plan for everything else as well. So, it’s up to you…Should You Be a DIY Bride?

Let us know what you think. If you are a DIY bride, tell us what projects you have in the works…if you chose to hire a professional, please share your feelings on why you decided to hire out instead of doing everything yourself?

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