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I found myself reading a blog post last night before bed depicting a letter written to the writer’s future husband, “A letter to the man I will marry,” but have yet to meet.  It was beautifully written and honest which made me think about the man of my dreams, who I really am about to marry.  It sounds silly to say, but had I written a letter to this “future” mystery man it would have outlined and described this man, the man of my dreams, my future husband!!  It got my wheels turning.  I would like to spend some time on this blog sharing my experience of planning my own big day, and the stress and excitement that comes along with an engagement.  Before I fill you in on what it’s like to be a wedding decorator/planner and to be planning your own and how to accomplish your wedding day dreams; I thought I’d simply write a letter to the man of my dreams…


To the love of my life,

When I was a little girl I used to play house.  I had my dolls, who all had names, my favorite being Sara.  I used to pretend to be the best mom and wife in the world.  My imaginary “husband” was at work while I was “home” (aka the basement playroom) trying to make a delicious meal.  Occasionally, I would pretend to be a teacher, but I always had my baby dolls with me!!  You see, as a little girl my biggest dream was to get married and have a family.  Fast forward 20 years and priorities and goals change a little bit.  I went to college and decided on a major I fully enjoyed, fashion merchandising, and decided that the husband, family and white picket fence weren’t quite on my radar.  I decided my number one goal by the time I was 30 was not to get married because of some silly timeline that society throws our way, but to own my own business in the wedding industry.  Although, marrying my soulmate always stayed near the top of my list.  However, when you reach your career goal by age 23 instead of 30 you quickly start putting things into perspective…even though a career as fulfilling as working with people on the most important day of their lives makes me happy, you want someone to share that happiness with.  Someone that gets excited about your new client strictly because it makes you excited!  Someone that tells you to go for it and dream big because they really do believe in what you can do!

They say you have to find some frogs before you find your prince and they (whoever “they” are) also say you’ll find him when you least expect it or when you do find that person they say, when you know, you know.  I’ve come to love and embrace these clichés because I’ve lived them.  I have waited my whole life for a man to look at me with a room full of people and make me feel like I’m the only person that exists.  I’ve waited for someone to kiss me on the forehead to let me know, ever so gently, that he is there for me always.  I’ve waited for someone to embrace my emotional sensitivity to EVERYTHING and accept that I will probably cry in every movie, television commercial or shoot, even an ESPN interview can get me!  …Let’s be honest, I’m even tearing up writing this.  I’ve waited to find someone that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to wear my retainers around with the makeup off and hair in a high bun on top of my head.  I’ve waited for someone to be my rock; when times get hard I’ve got someone holding me steady and keeping me grounded.  I’ve waited for a teammate and someone who believes in the things I do and believes in Spectacular Settings.  I’ve waited for a man to fit all of these criteria…little did I know I was just waiting for you.

God answered my prayers when he brought you into my life.  I have no doubt that things happen for a reason.  God knew what he was doing when he brought your friends to me as clients and intervened with that chance meeting in the parking lot.  I can’t believe it has been two years and I still get butterflies when you kiss me and can’t wait for that hug when I walk through the front door.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to be able to call you my fiancé and I can’t wait to have the honor to call you my husband.  As we travel along this engagement journey I would like to make some promises to you.  I promise to love you with everything that I have.  I promise to be supportive and stand by you even when times get tough.  I promise to cook for you (even though I can’t promise it will always taste good).  I promise to continue making scrapbooks to document our heart-stopping love story.  I promise to keep spreading my positivity and to decorate the house for all of the holidays!  I promise to be the best mother to our future children (God willing) and to love you and your family unconditionally until death do us part.  In return for these promises, I won’t ask you to bring me the stars or sweep me off my feet because frankly, you already have.  I just ask that you continue to be my best friend and continue making me a better person just by being my better half.

Love always,

The Future Mrs. Brown

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